About Us

Every Product that we offer is formulated with 100% pure and natural ingredients.

Our Clients come from all walks of life, and whether you are a Food Processor looking for Natural & High-quality Ingredients for your Products, or a Direct Consumer & your goal is to Eat Healthy, we have you covered. Regardless of which Product you order, our professional-high quality products paired with our outstanding customer service will exceed your every expectation every time.

Our Brand

INSTA Foods has one of the most diverse product portfolios in Natural Food range From medicinal plants, herbs, spices and recipe mixes, INSTA Foods has the privilege to provide vast options to its clientele keeping the promise of 100% natural food providing Health with Convenience.

Our Vision

We are determined to preserve the Nature’s Freshness by developing innovative ways to reduce Food Waste & Food Losses. We strive to increase Food security and playing our role to Provide Healthy & Nutritious Solutions available at an affordable cost.

Our Values

We believe in creating healthier lifestyle solutions that can be conveniently adopted. Our aim is to create food that is sustainable and healthy. We offers a healthier alternative to the conventional food industry by processing and distributing 100% natural and healthy food products globally. We provide greater choices with our large product portfolio to become consumers first choice in the Natural Food.