Why us

As an ISO 22000 accredited company and certified by the Punjab Food Authority for manufacturing and delivering 100% organic food service, we take pride in being Pakistan’s first organic food-dehydrating manufacturers and distributors.

Integrating a culture of Continuous Improvement, we work with local farmers to get the freshest ingredients while maintaining and developing higher quality procedures. Using the latest technology and equipment within a hygienic and quality controlled environment, we produce products that are 100% natural, retains nutrients, contamination free and meets International Food Manufacturing Standards.

 Green Chili Powder

INSTA Foods Pvt Ltd is the pioneer of dehydrated Green Chili Powder in Pakistan. We take pride as the only manufacturer and distributor of Green Chili Powder in Pakistan to all the local brands in the Food Sector. Our Green Chili Powder is made from 100% Natural Green Chilies. It is one of the healthy substitutes of red chili powder in industrial and domestic use.


The Process chart below defines the quality at each stage of production.

Receiving & storage of raw material

The raw material is received after inspection and is stored at ambient temperature and low humidity.


The material is sorted to identify and remove any damaged, spoiled or rotten chili.


The raw material is washed to remove dirt & impurities.


Blanching is carried out in a metal plate for 3-4min with NaHCO3 used 15g/L in boiling water.


The blanched chilies are set in a tray and carefully put into the dehydration machine. The chilies are dehydrated at a temperature of 55-60°C for 4-5 hours. The trays are altered in positions mid-way of the process to ensure a quality dehydration process. This method reduces the chances of chilies being over dehydrated and improve the yield of the overall process.


Once the dehydrated product is ready, it is sent for inspection where it is sorted and the

over-dehydrated pieces are removed.


The sorted chilies are then sent for grinding.


The chili powder is then packed in aseptic bags and labeled accordingly.


Once the production is completed, the product is then sent for sample testing. Both the

chemical as well as microbiological analysis of the sample is conducted. The sample testing is

able to identify the concentration of the following in the sample

(i) Starch

(ii) Protein

(iii) Ash

(iv) Fiber

Green chili is an ideal healthy substitute for red chili powders to cook every day meals. It can be added to a variety of foods and adds subtle taste and rich aroma.  Green Chili powder is packed with many health benefits including:

·         Rich source of vitamin C

·         Helps in keeping your skin healthy.

·         Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

·         Ideal ingredient in all food recipes for diabetic patients.

·         It burns the excess fats of the body by speeding up the metabolism making it an ideal weight loss ingredient.

·         Zero calories