INSTA Green Juice

Ingredients: 1).2 green apples with peel, cut in 4pieces . 2).2 medium cucumber, quartered. 3).2 lemon, cut in half 4).1 (1-inch) piece of ginger, peeled. 5).1/2 cup Mint Leaves 6).1/2teaspoon Aloevera Powder 7).1 teaspoon Lemon & Mint Powder Method: Put all the Ingredients except INSTA Powders in the juicer. Make juice at low speed. When the juice is made. Mix the Powders in the juice. Most Healthiest & Yummy juice is ready. Excellent for detoxify your body;that makes your skin glow & strengthens your hair.


Chicken Tikka

Recipe For Chicken Tikka , Marinated chicken legs with salt ginger garlic paste tikka masala tandori masala soya sauce lemon juice … and leave for half an hour Add 1 tbsp olive oil, Grill or bake . Serve with this yummilicious Raita Mix .  


INSTA Green Chili and Black Pepper Karahi

Recipe : Chicken 1/2kg Yougart 1cup Tomatoes 4 Turmeric 1/4tsp Fresh grounded black pepper 1tsp Insta green chillies powder 1tsp Garlic 1/2 tsp heaped Salt Ginger and green chillies for garnishing Method Put oil in a wok add chicken and tomatoes cut in 4 pieces with 1 cup water and and put the lid and let it cook on medium flame until water dries now add salt turmeric black pepper and green chili powder.cook on low flame until oil comes.Now add yogurt cook until it water dries and bhonofy well.in [...]